Our Process

Our method of operation focuses on maximizing financial returns for your assets. Evolvi believes transparency and open book collaboration throughout this process bonds our customer relationship.

Step 1.

Notification to Evolvi

Project Scope

Contractual Agreement

Equipment Appraisals



Step 2.

Machine in Surplus



Pre-Marketing Review

Equipment Uplift

Pre-Marketing Review

Step 3.

Marketing Campaign

Website Exposure

Customer Database

SMT Today – Magazine

Trade Shows

Sales Team

Step 4.

Quarterly Review

Asset Reviews

Pricing Reviews


Asset Disposal

Project Completion

0 – 4 Weeks

+6 Weeks

+8 Weeks

Equipment Sales

Our Marketing Strategy

evolvi marketing

Dedicated Marketing and Appraisal Department

Ideally, machine appraisals, evaluations and cataloguing takes place before equipment is removed from the production line. That way, potential buyers see the equipment in operation and know they are purchasing used equipment that can go straight into operation as soon as it lands on their production floor.

Unlike our competitors, we believe fast tracking your equipment to auction after a short period of website exposure does not maximize the financial returns of your assets. Our marketing strategy exposes your equipment through our customer database, trade magazine and Evolvi website. The Etek multi lingo sales team are the largest in Europe and are always receptive to their customers used equipment requirements. This approach is built on customer value.

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