Finance your second user equipment requirements and free-up cash flow.

We believe that your equipment finance agreement should fit your business requirements. At Evolvi we offer different types of equipment finance that can be tailored to you, plus the services of a specialist equipment finance house. They’ll make sure your bespoke deal adds up to exactly what you need. Whether you want to own your used equipment at the end of the deal, just lease it, or keep your options open. Evolvi have an agreement type to suit.

“Free up cash flow with flexible and affordable finance solutions”

We offer flexible, affordable finance solutions, typically using the asset being acquired as the only security, via the following products.


  • Finance company purchases the assets on behalf of the customer
  • Customers pays for the assets plus interest over an agreed period
  • Title passes to the customer once the final installment, plus nominal final fee is paid
  • All VAT is paid at the start of the agreement, which can in most cases be 100% reclaimed as input VAT
  • A deposit of at least 10% is usually required

Suitable for

  • Customer who have a deposit available an do not wish to finaine the complete cost of the asset.
  • Equipment that will far outlast the length of the finance agreement.


  • The finance company purchases the asset and leases it to the the customer over an agreed period at agreed fixed rentals.
  • At the end of this period the customer can continue to lease the asset at a lower secondary rental.
  • At the end of the primary rental period title of the asset can be purchased for a nominal fee.

Suitable for

  • Customers who need 100% financing and do not have access to a deposit.
  • Customers who are not fully VAT registered or have longer VAT reporting cycles.


  • The finance company purchases the asset and leases it to the customer over an agreed period, at agreed fixed rentals.
  • When completing the rental, the finance company will assume a residual value at the end of the period. The customer is therefore on financing the estimated depreciation of the asset.
  • At the end of the lease the asset is returned to the finance company.
  • In some cases the total rentals payable can be less than the original capital cost, effectively giving ‘interest free’ financing when compared with outright purchase.

Suitable for

Customers with no deposit available

Customers whose requirement for the asset is for a defined finite period, following which they have no requirement for the asset.

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