We present your equipment at its best to gain you maximum returns.

When you broker your equipment through Evolvi, you can be assured that you have the most effective route to market and exposure. We have many years experience in the electronics industry and a massive customer base that we talk to regularly through multiple communication channels.

We present your equipment at its best to gain you maximum returns. Our team of fully qualified engineers can decommission and transport your equipment to the Evolvi storage centre where it will be evaluated and made ready for presentation, photographed and video’d to support the marketing campaigns.

At Evolvi, be assured that you will receive competitive commission rates with the benefit of larger returns on brokered equipment.

“Remove the hassle of selling your equipment and let Evolvi do the hard work”

Photographed and evaluated to aid marketing

Decommissioning by fully qualified engineers

Dedicated storage facility

Low commission rates

Benefit of larger returns on brokered equipment

Equipment appraisals

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